George Argus’s list of Salix references

This bibliographic link, containing more than 3600 publications related to the genus Salix, was compiled
by Dr. Argus during his long scientific career. It was most recently edited by Dr. Argus in October 2016
and presented to us in January 2016 to share with other researchers.

Dr. George Argus during his visit of the Vermont Willow Nursery on August 6, 2012. Photo by Michael

The main focus of this list is on references related to willow morphology and systematics, and it also
covers other aspects of the genus Salix as well. Bibliographical list entries are alphabetized by the last
name of the first author of each publication; when multiple articles written by the same author are
included, the entries are listed in chronological order, from earliest to most recent. The journal titles are
presented in full, and each entry provides the information necessary for a reader to locate a reference.

In January 2016 I visited Dr. Argus and his wife Mary at their farmhouse near Ottawa, Canada to get his
materials related to Salix, which George had accumulated during his long career as a salicologist. Among
these materials was the list of Salix references and 6 boxes of his notes on Salix.

It was Dr. Argus’s hope that this list may help investigators of the genus Salix, especially researchers for
whom libraries and biological databases are not easily available.

Julia Kuzovkina